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Welcome to!

We, Sabine and Ismael,have dreamed of opening our own shop for a long time. We started with the idea of givving handmade products that we chose ourselves a new home. Meanwhile, we have added many other creative products in our shop, which are not 100% made by hand, but still special and of which we therefore do not want to deprive you.

Why crafts?

Handmade products are a matter of the heart to us.

Ismael, a native of Mexico, toured his home country in search of crafts, right at the beginning of the Internet era. With these products the first attempts of  Internet sales were started. In addition to the fact that he learned a great deal about the country and its people and had a lot of fun in this job, he was also happy to supported the craft traditions of his country by doing this.

Sabine, coming from an agricultural family, also tried herself in sewing, but decided leaves it to others. She first had to became a globetrotter before realizing that she was equally interested in artisan, traditional and artistic products and the history behind them. She lost her heart especially to the diverse, colorful arts and crafts of Latin America (as well as to her Mexican husband;)).

Jokes aside, the interest in handmade work and design connects us, and now with our two children, Diego and Isabel, we are working from our little green oasis and try to find new manufacturers and convince them for our project.

We hope you like our little shop, we are looking forward to your ideas and feedback! If you are working with wood, in sewing, make handicrafts or similar creative things, please send us an email to

We would be happy to get to know you and your products!

Best regards,

Sabine Schulten & Ismael Nunez

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